Learn how Stress and Toxins can affect your health

Stress - A Silent Killer

Stress is the leading cause of visits to doctors in the US. We are stressed by just about everything around us. Work, Friends, Family, Health Conditions and more.

Terivik Hands Massage and Colon Cleanse in Oak Ridge and Knoxville TN helps relieve stress using massage therapy.

When we are stressed, our bodies react physically. Stress, tension, and emotion are all connected together, and all of these affect our basic body functions. Massage and Colon Therapy serve as an emotional, as well as physical, release. Massage and Colon Therapy aid in the release of stress and also releases toxins built up in the body. You can take steps to reduce the amount of stress in your life. Learning to deal with stress is often the first step. This may include meditating on pleasant things when being bombarded by the stress of this world. Another stop would likely include soothing and beneficial massage therapy. Aromatherapy and other soothing measures can be taken to reduce the build up of stress in your life. Do not let stress silently kill you or a loved one. Take steps now to overcome it. Read more about Massage Therapy

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Toxic Environment

Modern Technology comes with a price. It has resulted in thousands of Pollutants and Chemicals being introduced, or dumped, into our Environment and our Bodies.

Terivik Hands Massage and Colon Cleanse in Oak Ridge and Knoxville TN helps relieve stress using colon therapy.

Some scientists say that if humans do not stop polluting this planet, it will be unfit to live on in another 50 years. Without even knowing it, our bodies are also being polluted. It may be impossible to remove ourselves from the earth, but we can take practical steps to prevent toxins from entering our bodies. We can also start removing toxins from our bodies. The good news is that our body and our immune system are designed to fight off things that are harmful to our bodies. Often the amount of toxins being introduced into our bodies is greater than our body can deal with, thus there is a build up of toxins that can result in serious health problems. Failure to remove toxins from our body can quickly lead to a dangerous condition. Toxic levels of chemicals and other pollutants in the body can lead to serious, unexplained health conditions. One inexpensive method of helping our bodies remove toxins is properly monitored colon hydrotherapy. Read more about Colon Therapy

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